Here you can find some programs that I've been working on:

arrow Wots 2.7 (updated on 2016/12/17)
trans WOTS is a tool for monitoring logging output from multiple sources, and then generating actions and reports based on what is found in these logs. The original version can be found at http://post.queensu.ca/~curtis/tools/. Usually, this program is used to monitor and report towards nagios. I've updated the tool, fixed issues with it and added some cool features (See Changelog).
Download version 2.7 here.
arrow phpESP enhanced (latest update: see sourceforge)
trans As mentioned on Sourceforge (see here), I've fixed some outstanding issues with phpESP version 1.8.2. In the past, my changes were found here, but now they've been integrated into the Sourceforge project
arrow NAGIOS check_snmp_storage.pl enhanced (latest update: see 2009/08/21)
trans The original version of check_snmp_storage.pl (taken from the original website) has the possibility to exclude filesystems, but in a bad way. I've changed this parameter so you can now say "check these and these disks but not those and those disks".
Download the changed version here (rename to ".pl" extension).
arrow NAGIOS check_snmp_printer.pl (latest update: see 2010/03/04)
trans The original version of check_snmp_printer.sh (taken from the original website) is good but slow. I've rewritten the whole thing in per (you won't even recognize the code).
Download here (rename to ".pl" extension).
arrow NAGIOS ntray (latest update: see 2010/03/04)
trans The original version of Ntray wasn't able to resize properly. So I fixed this and added some extra actions to the context sensitive menu. It has been recompiled using pp (Perl Packer) but at the time I didn't have ssl on the pc, so no ssl included for now.
Download here
arrow ya-errata-import (latest update: see 2012/10/23)
trans ya-errata-import is a new script to import CentOS or RedHat errata into spacewalk. I created this to solve most of my frustrations with existing errata import scripts.
Download here