Last name

Van Liedekerke

First name

Franky Pierre

Place of birth









Pruimelaarstraat 35, 2820 Bonheiden





1984 - 1987

Highschool (first 3 years)

Humaniora (Sint-Paulus Instituut, Herzele)

1987 - 1990

Highschool (last 3 years)

Scientific B

(Sint-Paulus Instituut, Herzele)

1990 - 1992

Candidate Civil Engineer

General Direction (University Gent)

1992 - 1995

Civil Engineer Specialisation Computer Sciences (University Gent)

Graduation: Civil Engineer Computer Sciences (Master), cum laude in 1995










Very good







IT Experience

  • Operating Systems

  • Linux (RedHat and CentOS EL4/5/6/7, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu, SLES, ...): very good knowledge, lots of hands-on experience. Experienced in the setup of high load mailservers, webservers, virusscanners, ldapservers (see further in the project list), KVM clusters and monitoring.

  • Solaris: 5 years hands-on experience in installing and maintaining solaris E450 machines running 2.5, 2.6, 2.8 in a heavy used environment (eg. for Telenet internet services usage).

  • Programming languages

  • PHP (excellent knowledge)

  • Perl (excellent knowledge)

  • Unix shells (Korn shell, C shell, Bash)

  • C, C++, Java (average knowledge)

  • JavaScript (+ ajax, jquery: good knowledge)

  • Python (average knowledge)

  • DataBases

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • Teamleader

  • Leading a team of 8 persons for all aspects of budget, people management as well as all IT projects (Worldline)

  • Varia

  • OpenLDAP, 389 Directory Server, Apache, Qmail, Postfix, BIND, Twister, Cyclone (Newsservers), Jabber, Samba

  • Automation tools: mainly ansible (next to fabric, cdist)

  • System installations under Solaris, Linux and Windows. Also automated installations via jumpstart and kickstart.

  • Logical Volume Manager (in combination with multipath)

  • Unix and Windows system support in a multi-user environment for more than 2 years, after that mainly Unix and linux support.

  • HTML (good knowledge)

  • Setup CVS server and its successor Subversion (version control software)

  • System scanning through nmap and Nessus

  • System monitoring via Spong, HP Openview, Nagios (more than 10 years of Nagios experience) and Icinga. Icinga SLA reporting via Thruk.

  • Training colleagues (in e.g. Linux)

  • Virtualisation software (Xen, qemu, KVM, Vmware, OpenVZ), KVM clusters (high available setups of virtual servers)

  • Spacewalk: automation of patching and errata management, creation of webinterface for unattended patch management

Work history

6/2017 – (now)

Dataflow (KBC)


- Big Data Infrastructure Engineer: setup and improve big data infrastructure

- (from 01/02/2018 onwards) Linux System Engineer: improve and automate patch management, server management, monitoring, kerberos

1/2015 – 5/2017

Worldline (employee)


- Linux system engineer: KVM automatisation (complete setup of new virtual servers in minutes), mailservers, spacewalk management, monitoring via snmp and icinga. Unattended patch management project (webinterface towards spacewalk).

- Maintain and expand the monitoring setup (dashboard visualized via icinga-frontend Thruk)

- Used software: RHEL/CentOS 5/6/7, icinga, thruk, perl + shell scripting, postfix, clamav, spacewalk, KVM, pacemaker, snmp, ansible, php

- Local teamleader/manager, leading a team of 6 persons for all aspects of budget, people management as well as all IT projects

1/2012 – 12/2014

Tobius (Atos Worldline)


- Linux system engineer: KVM automatisation (complete setup of new virtual servers in minutes), mailservers, spacewalk management, monitoring via snmp and icinga. Unattended patch management project (webinterface towards spacewalk).

- Setup of a fully redundant solution for monitoring (Icinga + pnp4nagios + rrd), used for thousands checks/min

- Used software: RHEL/CentOS 5/6, icinga, thruk, perl + shell scripting, postfix, clamav, spacewalk, KVM, clvmd, snmp, ansible, php

4/2011 - 12/2011

Harvey Nash (VDAB)


- Linux system engineer: VMware automatisation (complete setup of new virtual servers in minutes), mailservers, antivirus and proxy setup

- Used software: samba, SLES 11, nagios/icinga, samba, perl + shell scripting, squid, postfix, clamav

9/2010 – 4/2011

Digipoint (Federal Police)


- Linux system engineer: conversion off Novell fileservers to linux (create installation software based on RHEL + extra webmin/pkg packages)

- Used software: samba, RHEL 5.4 and RHEL 5.5, nagios, samba 3.3 + ACL's, webmin, perl, shell scripting, clamav

9/2009 - 8/2010

Siemens (Eurocontrol)


- System Engineer INET: daily maintenance of all kinds of IT services delivered to Eurocontrol by Siemens (oa. mailservers, webservers, LDAP, proxy servers, reverse proxy)

- Used software: Sun One LDAP + Portal, sendmail, apache, perl scripting, Sun IDMA (Identity Management), proftpd, samba, RHEL 5.3 and 5.4, Solaris 8-10, nagios

4/2008 - 9/2009

HP – ING (Vivium)


Setup and maintain new datacentre for Vivium (sold by ING to P&V):

- internet access infrastructure: proxy software (squid with Windows AD integration, dansguardian, ftp proxy), apache

- installation of solaris jumpstart infrastructure + setup bare restore via flash

- installation Solaris OS (2.8) with Disksuite and Veritas-based filesystems, Tivoli Workload Scheduler

- installation and configuration of HP Dataprotector (backup software)

- installation of monitoring software (Nagios) and setup monitoring for all servers and services (+ tuning for on-call rotation)

- VMWare and storage management

After this assist in transfer of the whole setup to the new IT-partner of Vivium (Rainbow ICT)

1/2008 - 3/2008



- System engineer: system and application management, setup and debugging before passing the system on to other teams for daily management.

- Used software: Tivoli Workload Scheduler, Tivoli Storage Manager, VMWare, Perigrine Asset Mgmt, perl scripting (mainly under Windows)

2/2006 - 12/2007 (4d/w)

Belnet NV


- General system management: unix (Solaris), linux (Gentoo)

- Application management: FTP server, mailservers (Postfix), OpenLDAP servers, samba, chat (ejabber), newsservers, webservers (Apache), backup (Bacula), monitoring (Nagios). In essence management of all servers and services connected to the internet and used by the world and/or clients of Belnet.

- Patch and security management of all servers and services

- Setup cross-platform calendering system (eGroupware)

- Virtualisation study: VMWare, Xen, kvm and qemu

10/2006 - 11/2007 (1d/w)

Beecom – EDS – Vlaamse Gemeenschap


Give general support for java/web based applications to smoothen the deployment. Mainly this is assisting in the current deployment proces to iron out any issues and aid in the communication with the software vendors.

12/2004 - 3/2005 (10 days)
Ducom - Fortis

Teach the course “Unix for beginners” for employees at Fortis

3/2004 - 2/2006
SecretRealm Productions

Setup network, mailserver, fileserver with on-access virus scanning under linux, Subversion verion control server and general server administration

6/2004 - 2/2006

Isabel NV


Solaris, Linux system administrator


*nix system administrator and security advisor:

- Sun Solaris and RedHat/Fedora Linux administration

- security scanning and analysis through nmap and Nessus + follow-up

- TruSecure follow-up

- extended system and application monitoring through Nagios

- write system security recommendations

- central logging implementation (syslog as wel as system log-on logs)

3/2004 - 6/2004

Siminfo NV (Adsitum)




PHP/MySQL development for rationalising workflow in repair center and helpdesk. For this the framework moregroupware was used, together with the galaxy workflow software.

2/2004 (5 days)



SunOne Application Server and Ant scripting (xml build)


Develop scripts (perl/bash) to automate deployment and test towards a solaris based SunOne Application Server.

3/2003 (5 days)



PHP skills


Teach PHP to web interface designers with special attention to security.

1/2003 - 1/2004

Expanded Media


Installing CheckPoint Firewall NG on IPSO and linux


Unix system administration (web, dns, ...). Upgrade old systems to Solaris 2.8, stimulate the usage of RedHat Linux. Administer Sun A1000 hardware.

Setup of SunOne tools (webserver, application server, ldap server).

Setup monitoring environment.

Setup version control server with automation tools in perl.

10/2002 - 12/2002
IBM - Europay

Integrate Tivoli User Administration with existing systems (Badge, Solaris, NT, Oracle, …) through perl scripting.

Spoken language: French and English.

10/1998 - 9/2002

Employee at TELENET

1998 - 2002

Telenet, Internet Services System Engineer


OS: Windows, Solaris, Linux administration, system support

Tools: mysql, sybase, perl, php, shell


* in depth experience apache, html

* mail administration: qmail and postfix (together with antispam, anti-abuse, antivirus scripts)

* LDAP administrator (Iplanet Directory Server, OpenLDAP)

* DNS administrator (BIND, MaraDNS) and automatisation in perl

* transfer Solaris environment to Linux


- Replace Netscape Server-line products (mail, ldap, news, proxy): analysis of the functionality, search for alternatives, analysis of these alternatives and implementation.
- IDTV analysis project: analysis of the impact on current Telenet infrastructure, define a growpath and integration of the IDTV platform with standard internet services.
- Scaling study Mail, Web, Backup, Storage: analaysis of the growth of the number of customers, impact on mail and webusage, storage and backup. Implementation of scaling software for mail (qmail/postfix with LDAP extensions running on RedHat Linux)
- Scaling study LDAP: analysis of current software and problems, study of growing usage (by eg. Mail), advice for the future. Test different products (Iplanet Directory Server, IBM Secureway Directory Server, OpenLDAP), choice and implementation. (OS platform of choice: RedHat Linux)
- Startup and stimulate gaming community within Telenet: create site, gameservers (linux with RedHat), script the needed tools for automatisation.
- Define and implement mail and virus policy: analyse current situation, create scripts (perl) to counteract abuse and virusses.
- Linux: introduce linux within Telenet
- Webmail: writing of webmail application (first in perl, then in php) tuned to the needs of Telenet, and integration into portal and existing applications.

- Teaching Linux to colleagues.

10/1995 - 10/1998

Employee at ALCATEL BELL

1995 - 1996

Alcatel Bell, Antwerpen (document specifications)

1996 - 1998

Alcatel Bell, Antwerpen (Unix Tools and System support, webmaster, NT support)


OS: Windows and Solaris administration, system support

Tools: mysql, perl, shell, samba (extensive knowledge)

Varia: basic apache and html experience


* WinNT and Solaris integration: analysis of the necessary software (Cytrix Metaframe, samba) and of the functionality desired by internal users and implementation and integration on solaris desktop environment.

* Solaris - NT system administration

* Writing of automatisation tools in perl (for sourcecode analysis)